Contributors and Supporters

Paul F. Anderson, historian; author of The Davy Crockett Craze, H & G, 1996; editor Persistence of Vision, Preserving Walt Disney's Creative Legacy; letter 5/6/98
Conrad Atkinson, N.D.D., A.T.D (Dist), Cert R.A.S. (HONS), ADF (Manc); international artist-activist; Visiting Chair, Department of Art, University of California, Davis; letter 5/1/98
Edward F. Brennan, President and CEO, Seattle Fur Exchange; letter 5/7/98
Paul W. Chattey
Colleen Dewley and the Cascade District community activists
Paul Dorpat, Seattle archivist, historian, publisher and author; letter 5/10/98
Eric Galatas, film-maker, producer of Citizen Vagrom video magazine
Donald Garnel, author, The Rise of Teamster Power in the West, University of California Berkeley Press, 1972; "Teamsters and Highway Truckers in the West", Ph.D. dissertation, University of California Department of Economics, San Jose State University, 1967; letter 6/5/98
Pauline Harris, for partial research on Pacific Laundryman 1914-1916
Tom Johnson, former President, Alaska-Arctic Fur company; son of former Seattle Empire building owner Otto Johnson; letter 6/24/98
Ron Judd, Executive Secretary, King County Labor Council AFL-CIO (letter 6/17/98)
Travis Keeler, Overall Laundry, Seattle; telephone interview
Rand L. Koler of Koler & Fitzsimmons. P.S.
Nick Licata, Seattle City Councilmember; letter 5/11/98
John M. McLaughlin, CEO, McLaughlin Development, Boston, MA. (1950-2000)
Dave Marsh, best-selling author, pop cultural historian, publisher; letter 4/20/98
Jon Rabine, then President, Joint Council of Teamsters #28; letter 6/19/1998
Jeff Roth, researcher, The New York Times
Ross K. Rieder, Chairman, Pacific Northwest Labor History Association; letter 5/18/98
Sarah Ryan, labor historian, Evergreen College; Trustee, Greater Seattle Postal Workers Union; letter 5/7/98
Anthony St. James, Anthony St. James Photography, Los Angeles, CA

Mary Sanderson, Bonney-Watson Funeral Home, Seattle
Les Tonkin, architect, for information about the bricks
Robert Vogel, Washington, D.C.
Helena Wright, Washington, D.C.

And all those artist residents of 66 Bell who contributed or allowed photography in their spaces
, especially Janice Nyman, Gabriel Stewart, Cassandria Blackmore, Jon Dombrowski, Conan Gale and Mr. & Mrs. Garrett Cobarr

With special thanks to the historian Gavin Stamp

The Burke Museum
The Puget Sound Regional Archives
The New York Public Library
The Seattle Public Library
The Seattle Muncipal Archives
The Seattle Museum of History and Industry
The Smithsonian Institution
The University of Washington Libraries

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